The New MacBook Pro from Apple: New Rumors & More

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16 May, 2012 7:00 am


Rumors and speculation abound about the updated MacBook Pro. 9to5Mac believes they know how the new MacBook will be updated. Apple will officially announce more details in the summer, but until then credible sources within Apple’s contract manufacturers and suppliers have revealed a few juicy tidbits to add to the rumor mill.

Apparently the people at Apple are of the opinion that an internal optical drive is no longer needed on a portable computer. The new Pro model will do without it. The Mac App store will now offer films and t.v. series that you can buy on iTunes and they will be made available software installations, for anyone who wants a drive to connect externally. The height savings amounts to only 1 millimeter, but perhaps the exclusion of the internal optical drive is necessary for the Pro to compete in a market moving increasingly towards ever slimmer and slimmer ultrabooks.

The new, thinner MacBook Pro will look like an “Ultra thin” version of the current series, rather than a larger MacBook Air. There are limits to how thin the Pro can go, as long as Apple does not radically distance itself from external interfaces. The move to dispense with Ethernet connection because of the space requirements (as seen in the MacBook Air) may go too far for many business users. But it is understandable that this interface will probably fall victim to the flat case design. Retrofitting may also be possible with the external adapter by Thunderbolt (eg Thunderbolt display) or USB (like the MacBook Air). Reportedly, Firewire will to also be deleted.

Finally, the new MacBook Pro will reportedly get the USB 3.0 – which comes with the Intel update automatically. Although it is indeed much slower than Tunderbolt, the USB 3.0 is faster than USB 2.0 and Firewire. For work on the road, this means that there will be neither Firewire peripheral devices or the ability to get wired access- or continue adding to your collection of cables and adapters. On the desk at home or at work, a Thunderbolt display as a “docking station” will of course be even more attractive.
It has long been rumored and supported by software in OS X Lion 10.7.4 and Mountain Lion betas that the new MacBook Pro will have a Retina Display with different resolution options. Exactly how high the resolution of the display will be, is not clear from the available information. Eventually you will know because Apple will provide the exact display pixel data rather than descriptions ​​such as “large”, “small” or “optimal.”
Also from the beta is an indication that the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, that is at the end of the graphics card in the standard models, will be used. The best result would be the combination of the new Intel processors Ivy Bridge with the GT 650M.
A test result emerged from Geekbench that could have come from a prototype or preproduction. Of course, these preproduction results should always be treated with caution, even if it were not for the first time that information on new Macs had appeared before the official premiere.

It is likely that the new models will be introduced to WWDC mid June. Until then, it remains to be seen how the new devices will be accepted by the buyers. The indisputable advantages, the “missing” interface  and lack of optical drive, will be for some users, considered disadvantages.

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