ASUS EP101TC (Now) Shipping with Android in Q1 2011

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20 Jul, 2010 5:41 pm



Today the Netbook News team went down to the ASUS headquarters to hang out with the Eee Pad team, and we learned something that actually made us breath a sigh of relief. The EP101TC pad will dropping Windows CE and will be shipped with Android. Rather than running an outdated Windows CE, ASUS and the majority of tablet manufacturers will be relying on Google’s Operating System. There is no further insight in Android 3.0 or Gingerbread but we have to admit we are pretty curious to find out what happens in the Fall. ASUS is planning on waiting for the 3.0 dust to settle and launch in Q1 of 2011 with products on display at CES. If you just can’t wait until January, you might be able to grab a sneak peak with some telcos as they will be delivering the good first to them in December.

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