HTC One X – Dual Core VS Quad Core

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1 May, 2012 2:05 pm


HTC has released two versions of the HTC One X, a Quad Core featuring an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor & a Dual Core running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor.  There is a long standing belief that more core equals more performance and now that we have the same handset with different processors we’ve got the perfect way to put that theory to the test. Qualcomm has come to market with an impressive dual-core S4 processor, that uses a more advanced Cortex “A15-class” cores. Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor that, is based on an older A9 architecture but cannot be over looked when measuring performance in graphic intensive gaming. Here we have a YouTube video showing the benchmarking of the HTC One X powered by Tegra 3 against the HTC One X powered by SnapDragon (S4) has made its way to the web.

YouTube Preview Image

The numbers below seem to be pretty accurate since a quad-core processor can easily beat a dual-core processor in synthetic benchmarks that use multi-core programming properly. In this particular tests, the graphics processor (GPU) is also faster with Tegra 3. Checking out a few of the benchmarks below Antutu scores reflect the lower clockspeed in the S4, putting the Nvidia Tegra 3 One X above the Qualcomm Snapdragon version in most areas. Funnily enough, 2D and 3D Graphics score better on the S4 chipset, though not by a huge amount. The question that I keep asking my self in this comparison is how do all of the benchmarks effect the real world performance of the phone? Recombu put the two editions head to head and didn’t notice a difference in the UI or general phone performance, but what they did notice was battery life. They actually managed to squeezed out a full day out of the S4 variant which they never managed to do one the Tegra 3 edition. Via Recombu Ubergizmo

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  • Jbo5112

    Is no one capable of benchmarking content playback?  Not all 1080p content is the same.  NVIDIA advertises they meet the specs for Blu-ray, and I would like a phone that could stream the movies from a media server.

    “Funnily enough, 2D and 3D Graphics score better on the S4 chipset, though not by a huge amount.”  – Funnier if it were true.  The first graphics bench showed S4 higher by 1-2%.  The middle one was too blurred on the left screen (another site shows 2D ~5% higher on S4 and 3D ~10% higher on Tegra 3).  The final test showed the NVIDIA Tegra 3 with a 30% higher score.  Looks like a win for Tegra 3 in the 3D department.  I will consider 2D untested without video benchmarks.

    As for the battery life, benchmarks show NVIDIA giving a slightly longer life on video playback, even while NVIDIA is claiming the program used keeps waking up all the cores periodically.