Apollo to Offer Customization & Differentiation to OEMs

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18 Apr, 2012 7:55 pm


Microsoft may have learned its lesson from Mango and will be taking a more open stance with its partners at the upcoming “Apollo” MO Summit in Reading, UK. We have gotten a hold of the high level agenda and Microsoft is planning on addressing Customization and Differentiation in their up coming platform. In case you’re interested we’ve included the other topics that are going to be addressed at the upcoming summit.

·         Apollo Review
·         Windows Phone Schedules and release plans/processes
·         Customization & Differentiation opportunities
·         New Windows Phone 8 application development capabilities
·         What’s new feature review of Apollo
·         Connectivity and APN management
·         Better together with Windows 8

Asian OEMs have been grumbling for a while that WP7 does not allow for enough customization making it difficult to differentiate them selves in the ecosystem.  With this in mind this news does not seem out of place WP7 is moving towards a more flexible operating system.

Microsoft’s willingness to work with partners to provide differentiation & customization is an indication that they are planning on providing some major feature improvements over Windows Phone 7.  This news also supports the rumor that has re-emerged that current WP7 handsets will not be receiving the Apollo update. Though the news must be painful for anyone who just bought a Lumia 900 it is good news for the Windows Phone 7 Ecosystem.

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