Intel Atom Medfield Z2460 AnTuTu Benchmarks

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13 Apr, 2012 6:00 pm

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At IDF Beijing 2012 we spent a more time with the Intel Reference Design Tablet and we decided to put it through the paces with the AnTuTu Benchmark.  The Intel Atom Medfield  Z2460 CPU clocked a meager 5335 which if we put it up against Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor, the HTC One X scored 10369.  Graphics is a huge part of the AnTuTu benchmark so it makes sense that the Medfield CPU can’t compete.

AnTuTu measures the CPUs memory, CPU Integer Performance, CPU Floating point Performance, 2D 3D Graphics Performance,  SD card reading/writing speed & Database IO performance testing. If you’re keen on more benchmarks of the Z2460 we ran the Lenovo K800 through some browser benchmarks at CES.

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  • Jonas Moon

    Can you explain me something?. I thought the Intel-powered Windows 8 tablets would use the Atom Z2610, and the Z2460 in smartphones.