A bunch of New HTML5 Apps Shown off at IDF Beijing 2012

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16 Apr, 2012 9:00 pm


Intel showed off a variety of application based on HTML5 that were running in the browser, they had a video conferencing, a media center and a side by side of Field Run in HTML5 against a Tegra 3 tablet. We also checked out a touch reference design that showed off some education materials including video and reading.

HTML5 has been rumored as Flash killer for a while and every year we hear that this is the year that HTML5 will take off. To be honest I know it’s coming but the reality is that there aren’t alot of people developing on it, even though all develops check the interested or developing on HTML5 box on survey’s. So it’s almost a relief to see so many examples of new HTLM5 projects focused on mobility.

Check out our video from IDF Beijing 2012.

YouTube Preview Image

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