Philldelphia Flirting with India’s Aakash Low Cost Tablet for Education

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6 Apr, 2012 5:28 pm

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The Aakash low cost tablet has gotten a upgrade in terms of build quality and is now set to leave India  and may be heading to a pilot program in under-served schools in Philadelphia. The Aakash II is 7 inches and runs Android 2.3 but will have a greatly improved touch screen a larger battery than the original. The previous generation only had a 2200mAh battery and the upgraded device will sport a 3200mAh battery that will allow for 3-4 hours of use. The touch screen has evolved from a resistive panel to a capacitive touch screen which allow for easier use of your fingers for navigation.

With the improvements it still can’t even hold a candle to any of the current Android tablets or the iPad but any teacher would love to have a tablet that can show video, administer quizzes, mirror class resources, etc.

It’s not certain if the pilot will actually be realized as it is in the planning stages. Philadelphia-based Wilco Electronics is hoping to set up a procurement deal for schools there and will be meeting with DataWind and presumably Philadelphia officials over the next month.

Via Techcrunch

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  • buzz86us

    I think they’d have to lock android down because the kids would be too busy with them fruit ninjas, angry birds, and rope cutting