HTC One S vs HTC One X – Gaming, Benchmarks and walk-through

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6 Apr, 2012 1:46 am

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HTC has launched its One Series of Smartphones and we’ve decided to take a look at the ONe X & the One S, for starters that HTC One X has a much larger display at 4.65″ with 720 Super AMOLED HD vs a 4.3 qHD (960 x 540) and the X has a quad-core processor from NVIDIA and the S offers you Qualcomm’s S2 dual-core processor.

We decided to shoot a video comparing the form factor of the One X and the One S, we also play Shadow Gun to demonstrate game play since benchmarks you want but its all about how the device actually performs.

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re looking for a thorough set of Benchmarks comparing the HTC One X & the HTC ONe S, check out Slashgear’s article here.

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  • Ismail

    Hi! Up there in the article it says that the S has Qualcomm S2. Is it an S2 or S4?? I read somewhere else it was an S4. Thank you.