Next Generation Atom Processor Sporting Quad Core, Ivy Bridge Graphics?

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25 Mar, 2012 2:12 am


Ultrabooks are coming up as the new mobile computing hot ticket item, so it’s a little surprising that Intel would beef up the Atom line up that appears in Netbooks. With the two processors there is a clear devision in usage scenario and price point. However, if the Atom processor wants to remain competitive against AMD’s Fusion line up which is a graphic powerhourse they’re going to have to step up their game.

Leaked slides indicate that Intel might be working on a single fanless quad-core processor that includes Ivy Bridge graphics on board. If this is true then we’d be seeing this very competitive CPU launch in 2013, as both an official Linux driver push from Intel and a leaked roadmaps from embedded computer company Advantech. They both point to the existence of a 22nm Intel “Valley View” SoC.

We’ve previously heard that Intel is planning to release a 22nm chip in 2013 with a brand-new architecture, codename Silvermont, which would feature the new 3D transistors. The leaked presentation happens to describe a 22nm SoC called Valley View, which also names a “Balboa Pier” as its likely chipset. A second slide describes the possible fanless Valley View system with up to four cores, up to 8GB of RAM, USB 3.0, and up to four times the graphical performance of previous Atoms, which used an Imagination Technologies PowerVR graphics rather than in-house technology.

Netbook’s are evolving along with the ecosystem as we’re seeing many companies leave the Atom processor behind in favor of more robust Pentium or Celeron chips. Even though Cedar Trail added graphic capabilities to support HD playback it still lacking when it’s put up against AMD’s E-350 pr E-450 which is starting to pop up in more and more Netbooks. 2013 isnt exactly just around the corner, so we’re going to have to wait an see what ARM has up its sleeve, this is good news if it’s true. The Atom line up could up a bump since Intel hasn’t exactly been generous when it comes to performance gains.

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    I believe that this will be a new powerful beginning for the netbook category actually. The category form is getting week so we need some new things to happen.

  • Ayo

    I believe “Balboa Pier” is the name of the platform, while “Valley View” is the name of the actual SoC. The same way “Shark Bay” platform will be related to “Haswell” Soc.

  • Tcalouri

    Put a 10 inch Windows 8 netbook with this chip and a transformer prime hardware layout and I will buy it opening day!

  • CyberGusa

     Yes, but that’s an old slide from 2010…  Note the color coding legend puts blue under “Developing” and the gray under “Planning”.  However, Sandy Bridge is already available and we’re only months away from Ivy Bridge.

    So likely there has been some changes since that slide was produced.  Like since May of last year we’ve been hearing about the 22nm Silvermont update for the ATOM.

    Actual ranges of upcoming ATOM chips are basically all going SoC and some series are going up to 8 cores.  22nm will introduce some of Intel’s technology from the Core i-series, like tri-gate transistors and variable programmable TDP.  Along with switching the In Order Processing to Out Of Order Processing and other improvements.

    Whether the specific chip this leak is pointing to will be the fully updated ATOM or not remains to be seen as it’s being referred to as a “Cedarview” like SoC.  However, we should see many new ATOM chips next year and performance and capabilities should generally all be upgraded from what’s available now.

    While in addition to the possibility of a much improved Intel GMA for the ATOM line.  There is also Nvidia Kepler GPU solution that is looking to be pushed from Super Phones to gaming laptops.

    So 2013 looks like it’ll be the year that everything changes…

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