CeBit 2012 Highlights & Gadget News Round Up

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14 Mar, 2012 8:18 pm


Cebit 2012 wasn’t as exciting as previous years, but we found a few gems on the show floor! We got to check out a never before see touch screen Ultrabook reference design, Fujutsu announced an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook, Acer launched their V5 series which is an 11.6 inch Ultra thin which will sport up to an Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor and of course you we caught an awesome 3D virtual world!

Showed off in the CeBit highlights video below is a reference design for a touch screen Ultrabook and as you can tell from the video below it looks gorgeous. Intel showed off Zinio which is an an app for reading magazines, we were easily able to flip through pages as well as interact with the page content.

Netbook weren’t absent from CeBit, Acer announced the V5 Series which sports and 11.6 model that will come as the Acer Aspire One V5 sporting a Celeron & Pentium processors and the Acer Aspire V5 which will have Core i3 & Core i5 options. The new naming structure isn’t confusing at all…(insert eye roll).

3D glasses that let you interact with virtual world’s aren’t exactly new, but trying the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer 3D Plus glasses at CeBit today we forgot exactly how cool they are. The demo we saw was more robust than most because it had a commercial application in mind, a perspective client could walk through a world designed by their architect. There is an accompanying app on the iPad where lighting can be adjusted as well as furniture added an removed. Design aspects of the building can also be changed on the fly.

CeBit is full of interesting tablets many of which aren’t worth the screws they’re put together with, but Viota has come out with a tablet that so far looks like it’s worth the money…and maybe more! The Viota M970 is a 9.7 inch tablet with a IPS display, in case you’re not familiar that would be the same display as the Apple iPad 2. Maybe with the iPad HD coming out there is suddenly a huge surplus of the current iPad display’s on the market, who knows, but for $120 it’s certainly worth a look.

Check out our CeBit 2012 Highlights and Round Up Video to see them all in action!

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