Trackmania 2 – Canyon: Gaming on the ASUS UX21 Ultrabook

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8 Mar, 2012 7:57 pm

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Wondering how some of your favorite games are going to run on the latest Ultrabooks? We’ve gotten a hold of the ASUS UX21 to check out Track Mania 2. It’s running at around 45 fps which isn’t too bad, totally playable.

This is an arcade style racer, so it’s easy to pick up and quickly get a pretty good handle on how everything works whether you’re using keyboard or gamepad controls. Controls are simple, just accelerate, brake and turn, but there’s depth to the handling as you learn to use the drifting mechanics often important for hugging tight turns without slamming into a wall or losing too much speed to braking.

It’s fun and you’ll see there is a slight learning curve unless Sascha thinks that driving off a bridge gives him extra points!

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