Sony “Hybrid” CES Concept Could Be Reborn as Sony Vaio U Series Windows Tablet

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7 Mar, 2012 11:36 am


Sony’s expansive floor space at CES 2012 (it can’t really be called a booth) was like sensory overload. But luckily we caught sight of their two CES concept computers, “Hybrid” and “Slate”. Just like concept cars, many of these concept computers never become a real product for people to buy. But in the case of the “Hybrid” Vaio concept, it may actually see the light of day as a Windows (8?) slider computer in the Sony Vaio U line up.

PocketNow got a hold of a Sony marketing poster for the Vaio U Series computer, which looks an awful lot like the Hybrid CES concept:

Sony’s Vaio U and UX models have, in the past, been tiny Ultra-portable Windows devices with resistive touchscreens:

So this new Vaio U model on the poster above fall right in line with the typical hardware from this line, except for the size. This new slider model is more along the lines of a 11- to 13-inch device, and will likely have a capacitive touchscreen, perhaps with an active digitizer component a la the Samsung Galaxy Note, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Hopefully this is a Windows 8 slider computer. It would be great for using the Metro style touch interface.

The Vaio U slider in the poster looks thicker than the CES concept.

At any rate, there isn’t much more information about this Vaio slider. But hopefully once Windows 8 computers start showing up, this Vaio U model is among them.

Via PocketNow

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