HP webOS Group Undergoes More Layoffs During Transition to Open webOS

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29 Feb, 2012 10:20 am


In some unfortunate news late this afternoon, HP has laid off around 275 out of the remaining 500 employees in the webOS group. These layoffs were apparently planned as part of the efforts to open source webOS, but that doesn’t make the news any less disheartening.

HP’s official statement regarding the layoffs:

As webOS continues the transition from making mobile devices to open source software, it no longer needs many of the engineering and other related positions that it required before. This creates a smaller and more nimble team that is well-equipped to deliver an open source webOS and sustain HP’s commitment to the software over the long term.

HP is working to redeploy employees affected by these changes to other roles at the company.

This makes the likelihood of HP reviving their webOS hardware production pretty much nil, but we’ll have to see how things progress as HP continues the transition to fully open source webOS.

In the meantime, we wish those affected by the layoffs the best of luck in their own transitions, either within the company or elsewhere.

Via Engadget, Source: webOS Nation

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