Google Preparing a 7 inch Tablet for April

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24 Feb, 2012 8:30 pm


A Google-branded tablet is slated for production in April, according to Richard Shim, an analyst with DisplaySearch. The 7 inch tablet will have a 1280×800 resolution and will have an initial production run is between 1.5 million to 2 million units, according to Shim.

If we take stock of the highest volume 7 inch tablet on the market, the Amazon Kindle Fire, it has a modest 1024×600 display.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard such rumors, in January an Asia-based report that said the Google tablet will run Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” and be priced around $199 to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

The higher resolution is more in keeping with existing Ice Cream Sandwich based slates on the market, and might indicate Google sees its tablet as more akin to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7, a more premium model which prioritizes a slimline chassis and high-quality Super AMOLED Plus display.

The biggest selling point of this 7 inch tablet when you compare it to the Nook or Fire (hardware aside) is that the modding community has rallied around these two products working to give them a more ‘pure’ Android experience. A tablet from Google would come with stock Android Ice Cream Sandwich which is a pretty sexy feature if you ask me.

Via cnet via slashgear

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