Huawei Ascend D1 Q Teaser Photos Released

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20 Feb, 2012 4:45 pm


Chinese company Huawei is stepping up to be a player in 2012, they are releasing handsets that are a distinct departure from the quick and dirty cheap handsets that they are traditionally known for.  At CES last month we saw the Ascend P1 which when released was the thinnest smartphone on the market, and I have to say, it felt really good in your hand.  Mobile World Congress is a week away and they have released a teaser photo of their new heavyweight smartphone, the Ascend D1 Q.

We’ll be getting hands on time during their press event on 26 February but according to online murmers, the Ascend D1 Q is scheduled to launch in April and will be equipped with a quad-core CPU.  If they come to market with such a rumored CPU it would be twice as fast as the Nvidia Tegra 3.

The Ascend D1 Q is meant to be the flagship device in a Diamond lineup, hense the D in the handsets name, the Q will symbolize Quad core.  WE don’t have long to wait to see the smartphone in its entirety.

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