What an Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Delay Would Mean

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17 Feb, 2012 5:45 pm

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If you’re thinking about buying a new laptop this year you’ve probably been told to wait for Intel’s next generation processor, Ivy Bridge and of course the release of Windows 8. Ivy Bridge is slatted to be released in the Spring, current speculation is that a small volume of the processors in early April and mass shipments are not expected to occur until after June.

If Intel isn’t leaving quite enough time for manufacturers to get their stock ready for back to school then this could actually open the door for AMD with their Trinity ultrathins.

An increase in AMD products would be coupled with a less than optimal selection of Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks would leave manufactures like HP or Dell no choice but to push to get rid of the Sandy Bridge processors. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing since there is actually an over stock of Sandy Bridge processors because of slow economic times. We could be seeing some real bargains in the fall since AMD’s pricing is more competitive, so if Ultrabooks are looking to compete then low prices on older processors will be the only way.

Something else could also occur, Windows 8 will be a huge motivator for purchase however, we’ve often heard that people want to wait for the bugs to get worked out, Microsoft doesn’t exactly have a prefect track record for nailing releases (think Windows ME). So if Intel isn’t ready to meet volume demand for Back to School, then this could just be the delay necessary to create the perfect storm of holiday shopping at Christmas.

There is one thing that we should remember…this delay is speculation based on a Digitimes rumor. Intel has confirmed that they will be on track to release their processors in the spring.

Via Digitimes

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