Is iOS More Stable Than Android?

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3 Feb, 2012 6:15 pm


Have your phone crash on your sucks. No two ways about it. The question that often comes up is which operating system is more stable, iOS or Android?  Crittercism, a research startup that analyzes mobile app crashes, has published some data that will end the argument about which app is more stable.

Crittercism’s data (gathered from more than 214 million app launches between November and December of 2011) shows that apps on iOS crashed much more frequently than comparable apps on Android. I was surprised that iOS wasn’t the victor, with being responsible for nearly 75% of total crashes.

There are a bunch of reasons that Apple could have lost this battle, iOS 5 is new to the market, hardware issues, internet connectivity, language support, or just plain ‘ol poorly coded apps.  There are more Android handset on the market than iPhones, so the answer definitely isn’t volume.

The data shows that apps on iOS did crash substantially more than Android apps.Nice little study to keep in your back pocket the next time you find your self in an argument with an Apple Fanboy.

Via Phandroid Source Forbes

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  • Anonymous

    hehe, the flaming of this should make for a nice BBQ.

  • Jon Garrett

    Nicole you’re awesome, please find more info on this subject. thank you for great reporting. I hope this puts and end to the apple fan boys claims of ‘force close’ on Android.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing how few comments there are on here.  Dumbstruck?

  • Jeff

    I guess the readers here are more mature than on other sites (starts with an “E”). I’d like see more research like this from other companies since I’m not stuck on any particular OS. It’ll help me make my decision on my next phone.

  • Brian Crail

    This is kinda funny. Using my old iPad2, I noticed that apps just disappear when they crash and land you back at the homescreen. So people think, “oh I must’ve accidentally exited or pressed the home button”… when in fact the app crashed. Being an IT admin I know exactly what its doing, but I can see how most people would be oblivious to it. When an Android App crashes, you know it because it lets you know. I have far fewer app crashes in Android then I do iOS… this just proves it.

    Gotta hand it to Apple for their great marketing ploy to sell false hope and untruths.