Apple Denied Temporary Injunction Against Galaxy Tab 10.1N and Galaxy Nexus in Germany

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2 Feb, 2012 5:10 am


That was fast. Just yesterday we reported on Apple’s win against Samsung to maintain the ban on sales of the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany. A higher regional court in Dusseldorf granted Apple that win. However today, a Munich regional court denied Apple’s motion to enact a temporary injunction against both the Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet (which Samsung specifically redesigned for the German market) and the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

The patent at the heart of this case involves a method of showing a user when he or she has reached the scrolling limit of a page. Apple was granted a recent patent for their method of indicating this limit, but Samsung argued that they could likely get that patent revoked from the European patent office because of pre-existing technology. Apple argued that the pre-existing technology didn’t contain the same solution described in Apple’s patent, didn’t provide the same user experience, and therefore, was sufficiently different from the technology outlined in Apple’s patent. Apparently Judge Andreas Mueller sided with Samsung in this case, and denied Apple’s motion.

Apple has a separate case against the Galaxy Tab 10.1N which we mentioned in yesterday’s post. The ruling for that case is slated for Feb. 9. And the beat goes on…

Via Bloomberg

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