Acer Has Eye’s For Brazil, 1 Million PCs Hoping for Latin Love

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1 Feb, 2012 5:35 pm


South America has been heating for sometime with projected sales aiming to creep into the same league as China. Acer is looking to grab a piece of that pie and aims to move 1 Million PCs in Brazil. Just yesterday they announced that they were turning a new leaf and would be complete not in terms of price but in user experience and quality. It seems a mystery source at Digitimes claims they won’t be changing theirgy much and will stay firm in the currently price war raging.

Due to the impact of debt problems in Europe, Acer has shifted its 2012 business focus to Brazil, India, Indonesia and other emerging markets. Brazil presents an interesting challenge since the government imposes high customs duties on imported PCs to protect local makers. HP, Acer and others are avert the tariff barrier by shipping components and/or barebones made in China to Brazil for assembly by local OEM partners.

Via Digitimes

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