ASUS Eee PC R051BX Budget Netbook Leaked [Video]

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23 Jan, 2012 3:26 am


Seems that ASUS is outing more then just a business laptop with the 12.5″ ASUS B23E, a new netbook, the ASUS Eee PC R051BX.  ASUS is changing around the naming struture of their netbooks, and with no official news from ASUS we aren’t sure if this is apart of the seashell line up or something new but the chassis does remind us of the line.

What we do know is that the ASUS Eee PC R051BX comes with a 1.0GHz AMD C-60 CPU 1GB of DDR3 RAM and a 320GB Hard Drive.  We are sure that we’ll find some variations, but over all things shouldn’t change too much.  Connectivity wise we’re going to see an HDMI port since the C-60 is more then capable of handling 1080p output.  The 10.1 inch netbook also has 2 USB 2.0, VGA out, audio jacks, SD card reader, Ethernet port.

Going over the units specifications we feel like its a bit of a striped down 1015BX since it only as 2 USB ports and none of them are USB 3.0 capable.  So far it also only comes with a three-cell battery available only with 2200mAH that will give it a modest battery life of around 4-5 hours.

In Europe it has a price of about € 250 MSRP seems the device to be very inviting, especially thanks to AMD Fusion platform and its Radeon 6290 that offers Direct X11 graphics support.

A random Russian site was able to upload a hands on video, unfortuantly it give you a lot of close ups, so its hard to get a sense of what the netbook actually looks like. Finger’s cross we can get a hands on of our own soon so we can take a better look.

YouTube Preview Image

Via nDevil

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  • Alexandru Stoian

    The AMD C-60 Apu is by far the best processor for the netbook or tablet form factor.

  • Anonymous

    You do know it’s the Z-Series that are intended for tablets and not the C-Series?

    Besides, the only thing the C-60 is best for in it’s intended range of products is it’s GPU performance. 

    The C-60 is still a 1GHz dual core Bobcat that starts to fall behind dual core ATOMs that are clocked at least 500MHz or more faster.  AMD Turbo Core is like Intel’s Turbo Boost, which provides burst of over clock performance only as long as the system remains cool enough to allow it.  So it doesn’t provide sustained long term performance boost.

    However, Turbo Core also has the problem that it only over clocks a single core and actually under clocks the other to help conserve power.  So it’s more like combining a C-30 with a C-50.

    The only clear advantage of the Turbo Core is it also boosts the GPU thanks to the fact it’s embedded, but without an equivalent boost in CPU performance then it’s a lopsided benefit that prevents taking the fullest advantage of the better graphics and mainly makes the C-60 just a little better at single core processing than the C-50.

    Remember, with Cedar Trail Intel has widened the run time difference and increased their mobile offering to 1.86GHz with the N2800 and have a 2GHz N2850 planned for later release that only increase the max TDP to 7W versus the C-60′s 9W. 

    So despite the fact the Bobcats are more efficient processors, the C-Series are just clocked too slow.  Leaving the only real advantage being that they still provide well over twice the graphical performance of even the newer GMA’s but that alone doesn’t guarantee them to be the top choice for everyone.

    The E-450 though has a more clear all around advantage and could claim to be the best in its class, with both a CPU and GPU advantage, but is limited to 11.6″ and larger premium netbook/laptop models and so doesn’t apply to the smaller 10″ models.

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  • Anonymous

    hi everyone, that video was taken by me. it is actually on serbian language but I am not ofended. there is lots of closeups for two reasons, stil didnt bought a camera stand :) and I was trying to show that netbook is a fingerprint magnet. you get fingerprints allover just by looking at it :D

    here in serbia its around 170€ (220$) and its very popular. worst thing about it is probably RAM wich is solded to motherboard and it cant be upgraded so gaming is uot of the question although 6290 has enough power to run new games in 1024×600

  • Dmiloradovic

    Da li neko ima neki sajt gde moze da se nadje boot koji radi na njemu. Probao sam da podignem preko usb memorije ali ni pored boot-ova koje sam skinuo sa neta nisam uspeo. Prepozna memoriju ali prosto nece da pokrene ni xp ni sedmicu. SAVET MI TREBA

  • pedjoni78

    @Dmiloradovic skini ISO fajl pa uz pomoc programa wintoflash napravi butabilni flash i sve ce da radi bez problema. Naravno, namesti u BIOSu da se butuje sa flasha.

  • Ped

    and touchpad issue is VERY BAD thing