Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Refreshed with Celeron Processor

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20 Jan, 2012 7:04 pm

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Samsung has updated their Series 5 Chromebook with a few tweaks but most notably with a new CPU moving from an Intel Atom to an old school Intel Celeron. There is no word which Celeron they’ll be using and even the use of that term can be a little vague since technically Sandy Bridge can technically be categorized as a part of the Celeron family. We’re told that battery life will be comparable to the original Chromebook but the performance boost will be significant. The new Chromebook has ditched the glossy lid for one that is matte finished. The notebook will still sport the same 16GB of storage, as it primarily relies on the cloud to store your documents, and a 12.1-inch (300-nitt) widescreen display. The second-generation Series 5 Chromebook is slated for release in Q2 of this year. The Chromebook will run you about $399 for Wi-Fi and $449 for 3G.

Chromebooks were designed to function largely in the Cloud, whether apps, documents or even settings, primarily to simplify user experience, but cloud-based computing has so far proven too frustrating when on a bad connection. For that reason, as well as the modest spec on the old generation of Chromebooks, the machine was not a good seller, but the new Series 5, scheduled for release in Q2, will bring a threefold performance increase over the old model, according to Samsung.

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