Sony Entering the Ultrabook Market Soon?

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11 Jan, 2012 8:55 am

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At Sony’s CES 2012 booth, ensconced in a glass case, they showed off a “future Ultrabook concept”. But just how far into the future will their Ultrabook model arrive? Joanna Stern from The Verge was able to shoot a few photos of the prototype, but there really weren’t any details regarding the actual specs for Sony’s first Ultrabook concept.

It looks a lot like the Sony Vaio Z — which our very own Sascha owns and loves — but slightly thicker, which is a little counterintuitive given it’s supposed to be an Ultrabook.

When we attended the Sony event last night, I thought I heard the word “Ultrabook” very briefly in one of the stage presentations, but to our knowledge, it didn’t seem like this Ultrabook prototype was on display at their event. Hopefully we hear more about Sony’s Ultrabook plans soon, because frankly, they were one of the first laptop manufacturers to make Ultra-thin and light laptops years ago. The main factor blocking wider adoption was their high prices.

Via, Source: The Verge

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