Three New Cedar Trail Processors from Intel

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6 Jan, 2012 9:25 pm


It seems like we’ve been talking about Cedar Trail processors forever, but it seems that for all our jibber jabber we didn’t have the whole story. Intel officially announced this new series of Atom CPU a few days ago with details on the Atom N2600, N2800, D2500 and D2700, the N series headed for Netbooks, the D series for Nettops. But Intel has been keeping busy and three new variants have emerged from a slide published today by the Chinese site

For the first time we are now seeing details on the Atom D2550, N2650, and N28050. These are completely new variants which we have never heard of that differ slightly which you can see on the data sheet below.

The difference between the Atom D2500 and D2550 is probably just a change in the GPU frequency (200 to 400MHz). The Atom N2600 and N2650 offers a 100Mhz difference and a 0.1W increase in the TDP to 3.6W. (In case you don’t know TDP is Total Power Draw or the amount of power the processor consumes. The most interesting is the Atom N2850 because it is the first mobile Atom reach 2Ghz with a 6.6W TDP.

Via via Fudzilla

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  • vbscript2

    TDP is Thermal Design Power, not Total Power Draw. It’s the amount of power (in the form of heat) that the cooling system has to be able to dissipate from the processor when the processor is fully loaded. This is closely related to the amount of electrical power being drawn by the chip, though.