ASUS Transformer Prime Detailed Walkthrough – Transformer Prime Software

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8 Jan, 2012 5:05 am


The ASUS Transformer Prime was the first Tegra 3 tablet on the market and it’s got a few unique software offerings that hope to set it apart from the gagles of Tegra 3 tablets that are set to hit the street next week. The software is nearly identical to what is now on the current Transformer and the Eee Pad Slider, save for a few worthy tweaks. The first is the revamped Settings menu, which contains those aforementioned power controls and some other quick settings shortcuts. Secondly, Asus has added the ability to close apps from the recent app tray.  Super Note is also a worthy addition that’s worth checking out.

We’ve also got a the Water Level background, which actually lowers the water based on the battery level, a few fancy widgets, and a handful of its own apps, including its @Vibe media software. In addition to the Nvidia Tegra Zone, Asus includes Netflix, Polaris Office, Zinio and Press Reader.

ASUS provides a well thought out software experience with some integrated options and third-party apps that make Honeycomb a bit more user friendly. We wont have to wait long to find out how their software adaptations work in Ice Cream Sandwich.

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