LG to Launch Medfield Phone Running Android, Says Korea Times

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31 Dec, 2011 1:46 am


According to a report from Korea Times attributed to Intel Korea chief Lee Hee-sung, Intel head Paul Otellini will be showing off an LG Android smartphone running Medfield to be released in 2012.

This wouldn’t be the first time that LG & Intel have gotten into bed, remember the LG GW990 running Moorsetown? The story gets interesting because although Android was mentioned, the Korea Times report also cited anonymous LG executives who said rather bluntly, “personally I doubt that LG Electronics will release phones on Android software based on any Intel platform,” adding that it was more likely for LG to “push Intel’s reference mobiles but with huge subsidies from Intel for promotion” if not Android then possibly Tizen?

I knew we’d be hearing that name again sooner or later, to remind you Tizen is the operating system that’s been born from MeeGo, which was the failed love child of Nokia & Intel. It is possible that they’re going to go the Windows Phone 7 route, but since LG is heavily dependent on Intel, to the point where the Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) fined Intel 26.6 billion. The KFT ruled that Intel illegally used hidden rebates to squeeze rivals out of the marketplace for CPUs. Intel has to bank on someone and Samsung is apparently not sharing the source code from their work on the Tizen project.

CES is just around the corner, so we’re assuming there will be more developments in Las Vegas.

Source KoreaTimes Via TheVerge

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