Galaxy Nexus Glitches on Verizon Wireless Have Work Arounds

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20 Dec, 2011 5:15 pm

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Galaxy Nexus users have been reporting a variety of glitches in their highly coveted flagship smartphone from Samsung and Google.  Luckily there are a few work around available that have proven to fix things, temporarily.

Android Police reported that some users have lost data connections, dropped calls for as many as 3 out of 10 users. The issue is related to the Verizon network since the HTC Rezound, Droid Charge and HTC ThudberBolt all complain of similar issues. So if you’re only  getting one bar of signal on both 3G and 4G on your Nexus and you’re in a good service area or if you’re just flat out loosing connectivity there is a trick that seems to work in most instances.

Solution: Try toggling network mode & remove battery. Also pulling the battery when there are connection problems with Wi-Fi has worked as well.

These are just work arounds for now, Verizon is aware that there is a problem and in a tweet, they promised phone owner Jack Doyle that Verizon is looking into connectivity issues and actively developing a fix for issues with signal inconsistencies that are keeping his phone–and others–from performing as promised.

Maintaining multi-touch has popped up as another bug and it’s even repeatable, if you want to check it out in a multi-touch game like Gun Brothers you’ll notice the lower right hand portion of the smartphone’s touchscreen become problematic. Turning the Nexus’ screen on and off seems to fix the problem — at least until you jump into your next game — and the bug only seems to appear when the device is in landscape mode.

When a smartphone is touted as the best, users tend to expect more.  The Galaxy Nexus is the flagship handset for Google’s latest operating system Ice Cream Sandwich and aimed at developers to get their apps customized on the latest iteration.  The early adopters that have flocked to this handset are a tech savy bunch that expect the most from their hardware but with a brand new update to Android 4.0 there are bound to be bugs. Having said that it’s not as if it’s slowed down sales of the device.

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Via Cnet, Engadget, WirelessandMobileNews

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  • Squadup66

    Whats up with the download speeds ???? My orginal 3g phone does better.. 4 full minutes to download like 7mb.. wtf ????

    It stream through web pages like a beast but when i need it to stream or download materials it really sucks..

    I might go to the razr