Pixel Qi Taken Outside & then put AMOLED Side by Side

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9 Jun, 2010 2:42 pm

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Today is the first day of Display Taiwan, its not a big show but we hope that it has some impressive display technology on hand. We’ll be heading down right after this post so keep an eye out! To wet your whistle for display’s here is a little something we uncovered at Computex, Pixel Qi has been promising to come to market with low power consumption display technology for the past year, finally we are seeing in a few custom prototypes.

We have been waiting with baited breath for Pixel Qi Tablets but we have to say that this is not as sexy as the Adam by Notion Ink. What is impressive about this prototype is that it has a working screen with drastically improved viewing angles.

There have been a lot of rumors in Taiwan over the past few months about Pixel Qi being the reason why the Adam by Notion Ink has never come to market. Finding a manufacturer to produce the display, being able to produce such a technologically advanced screen on a large scale and maintaining quality is questionable, not for Pixel Qi specifically but for anyone making such big statements.

Qualcomm’s Mirasol is another one making big statements about their display technology, they both look like they are both going to be appearing in products by the end of the year. Mirasol has yet to come to out with a working sample and not just a mock up. Making a few screens for dummy models is one thing.

Its an easy thing to sit here and call into question Revolution, it really is a chicken and the egg game. You need the volume to get production and you won’t get orders until you get the production. So I guess if you want to do truly mobile computing, you have to want to see Pixel Qi rolling out in devices, faults and all.

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