Microsoft Confirms Unused NFC Support in Windows Phone 7

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12 Dec, 2011 7:30 am


Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone 7 already supports NFC, but it remains the decision of handset manufacturers to activate it. “As far as I’m aware, NFC is supported by [Windows Phone], but needs to be enabled by the OEM” Will Coleman developer evangelist and product manager at Microsoft UK, told TechRadar. “So, if any OEM wants to enable it, that can be done by all means.” So far, no Windows Phone device offers NFC support.

It is widely accepted by those working on NFC applications and many carriers that around the February March time frame the penetration of handsets on the market will be high enough that the technology should start seeing some traction.  Coleman’s remarks were also in line with the industry assumptions.  ”It’s about just about timing, in the not too distant future there are some exciting things that will be coming through with NFC from Microsoft.”

Google has implemented NFC support in Ice Cream Sandwich for Android Beam, a system where NFC-enabled smartphones can exchange links, contact details or other information when touched back-to-back. However, the most common public use of NFC is probably wireless payments, using a smartphone to replace a credit card or cash. Several trials, including the Android-based Google Wallet, are underway of such systems, which require retailers to be outfitted with payment hardware capable of communicating with NFC phones.

Via Slashgear

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