Acer: Ultrabooks Will Become Mainstream

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5 Dec, 2011 8:49 am


Taiwan’s largest gadget show kicked off over taking Halls 1 & 3 of Taipei’s World Trade Center on Saturday. Acer Chairman J.T. Wang spoke at a press conference and said that Ultrabook prices need to be reduced to about US$699 and that the information technology industry was shifting its focus to emerging markets.

It’s clear he feels that Ultrabook are an emerging category that blur line between laptops and tablets. Wang also banked on Ultrabook’s success to kick start their lagging notebook sales. It’s actually not surprising at all that Acer has become such a strong proponent of Ultrabooks.

Just last month at Acer’s investor meeting Wang stated that they were going to start pushing Ultrabooks because they have a higher margin for profit. The hard drive shortage caused by the floods in Thailand has left the company with little choice then to focus their dwindling supply of Hard Drives on Ultrabooks.

Currently Acer expects to sell between 250,000 and 300,000 units of the Aspire S3 Ultrabook by the end of this year. So its no surprise that Wand showed up at Taiwan’s largest computer sale and evangelized Ultrabooks.

He did add that to increase ultrabook sales volumes, prices need to be kept at about US$699, Wang said. Prices of ultrabooks right now range between US$799 and US$1,299.

Wang also said that the global IT industry was shifting from developed countries to emerging markets because of slow growth in the former.

Besides markets in Brazil, Russia, India and China, Wang recommended Vietnam and Indonesia, citing World Bank economic outlook reports indicating that emerging markets with large populations had the most manufacturing and consumption growth potential.

The challenge for Taiwanese brands and manufacturers is how to build up business in emerging markets.

Via Taipei Times

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