Intel to Subsidize Ultrabooks for $100 a pop?

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30 Nov, 2011 6:45 pm

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Digitimes is reporting that Intel’s prepared to further subsidize the Ultrabook program — $100 per laptop — in order to allow Ultra-thin notebook manufacturers to compete with the Macbook Air. The money is allegedly a “marketing subsidy” this should allow OEMs can focus on building better machines rather than advertising their products. However the money is actually spent Digitimes’ anonymous sources expect ultrabook prices to go down as a result.

This money would would presumably come from Intel’s $300 million ultrabook fund, whose intent was to spur innovation in technology used in Ultrabooks.

Via Digitimes

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  • chippy

    This marketing subsidy was always part of the plan. Its nothing extra as far as I can see so is already built into the price/time plan. Digitimes spinning a story again.