Siri Could Cut Google Out of the Search Game

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13 Nov, 2011 8:15 pm

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Siri is one of the highlights of the brand new iPhone 4S, according to the Arora Report Siri maybe in cutting Google out of the search business.  Pre Siri iPhone users would conduct a Google Search to find the highest rated Indian restaurant nearby,  the question becomes why would anyone use Google if in one click Siri can do the job?

The Arora Report had some increadibly interesting results:

  • 100% of Siri users reported that they saw no need to do a Google search if Siri could answer their questions.
  • Additionally, 68% of Siri users had not done a single Google search since they started using Siri.
  • 32% of the users reported reduction in Google searches by 80% since they started using Siri.

This was a small study and the sample was not picked scientifically, but the study is conclusive in that Siri users are reducing their reliance on Google searches. As Siri becomes more widely available, it will hurt Google.

Via SeekingAlpha

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  • Anonymous

    Kinda, kinda not:
    - Siri is limited to Apple’s stuff, so at best, it can have the same market share as Apple. Since Apple would rather have a 10% marketshare with a 50% margin than a 50% marketshare with a 10% margin, in the long term Siri may not amount to much.
    - Siri won’t get 100% search marketshare even on Apple stuff. It’s not available for most countries/languages; people might prefer typing in some or all circumstances, I know I do.
    - Search engines are a gateway to databases, and only as good as the underlying algorithms and IA. Apple is all about interfaces and that’s fine, but at some point, underlying data and algorithms do count. How good is Siri at actually finding the best answers ?