Zinio Digital Magazine App Now Available for HP TouchPad

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4 Nov, 2011 1:15 am


A few months ago, in July, a discussion thread was started in the PreCentral forums asking whether Zinio would be coming to the HP Touchpad. A Zinio representative confirmed that a Zinio app was indeed coming to the TouchPad.

Well, after all this time, even though the TouchPad has been discontinued for quite a while now, the Zinio app is finally available for free in the HP App Catalog. Good on Zinio for coming through for us webOS faithful.

The TouchPad’s 9.7″, 4:3 screen, like the iPad’s, is a great size for viewing digital magazines. This is one area where I would concede that 7-inch tablet screens are kind of small for magazines. It’s definitely doable, but I prefer a larger screen that’s closer to the size of the actual print magazines. Even on 9.7″ screens I have had to zoom in to comfortably read columns of text on a magazine page.

There isn’t too much else to say about the app. It basically works the same way as it does on an iOS or Android device. There are free articles available to read in the Explore tab that is periodically refreshed with new articles.

The Zinio magazine shop is accessible from within the app, and magazines can be purchased directly. You can buy individual magazine issues or subscribe. And the Read tab contains your library of purchased items, with greyed out items indicating that the magazine has yet to be downloaded to the device.

Be forewarned, though. It seems that some people in the aforementioned PreCentral forum thread have been having issues with the Zinio app crashing, not rendering pages correctly, and not showing purchased items in the library. I personally have not seen any of these issues, except for one misrendered page (so far) in an issue of PC Magazine when in landscape mode. And actually, I just went back and checked the page again (after closing out the magazine and opening it again), and the page renders fine now.

At any rate, if you are one of the rare and discerning TouchPad owners, go check out the Zinio app in the App Catalog. It’s a free download, and you can always check out the free articles without signing up for a Zinio account to try before buying.

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