Asus to Join the 7-inch Tablet Club?

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2 Nov, 2011 9:47 am


Is the 7-inch tablet the new black? Several manufacturers, including Samsung, Amazon, Toshiba, Barnes and Noble, and Lenovo have smaller tablets either out already or coming out very soon. It’s possible that Asus will be joining these manufacturers, adding a 7-inch Eee Pad model to their line up.

Imagine this a little bit smaller...

Buried in a Digitimes story about Asus’s recent tablet shipment numbers and the upcoming Padfone, there was the tiniest mention of a possible 7-inch Eee Pad Transformer model that may be coming next year carrying a price tag of $299 USD. While this price is $100 more than the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire and other 7-inch tablets, I think Asus could comfortably charge this premium price if the device is as well-built as the Transformer Prime, and includes a keyboard dock. Or at least, if the keyboard dock is separate, hopefully it is competitively-priced. I think one of the great draws of the original Eee Pad Transformer is its great keyboard dock.

As I’ve said many times before, I am a fan of the 7-inch tablet form factor, so the more choices there are in this space, the happier I and many other 7-inch tablet fans will be! We’ll see if this rumor becomes reality.

Via Pocketables, Digitimes

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  • dgtronic

    U forgot to mention the 7 inch Acer iconia a100 tablet. Btw I’m using that tablet right now for this comment :)

  • Anonymous

    I have an hacked Nook Color and an HP Touchpad, and use the Nook much, much more han the Touchpad because the format is so much easier to handle.
    I’d love a less elongated form factor, and a few more pixels though. Archos Gen9 8″ (1024×768) and Galaxy Tab 7.7 (1280×800) have that. Samsung’s AMOLED screens are gorgeous.