$35 Aakash Android Tablet Hands on

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28 Oct, 2011 7:01 pm

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We didn’t think it would happen but the Indian government proved us wrong by finally releasing the $35 Aakash Android tablet.  After well over a year of waiting the low cost government subsidized tablet will be launching next month in India to the delight of the nations students.

VentureBeat was able to get some hands-on time with the tablet and didn’t trash it, in fact they had mostly good things to say about it.  The cool thing about the tablet is that even if you took out the government subsidy the 7-inch Aakash tablet would only cost you $60.  I can’t wait to see some video of this tablet in action, in a country where the teacher to student ratio is atrocious the Aakash tablet hopes to create more access to education which is why its being so heavily subsidized by the government.

Technical specifications:

Operating system: Android 2.2

Screen: 7″ resistive

Processor: 366 MHz + HD video co-processor

RAM: 256 MB

Flash memory: 2GB + 2GB Micro-SD (expandable up to 32 GB)

USB ports: 2

Network: WiFi (GPRS & 3G options)

Source VentureBeat via Engadget

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  • http://laptoping.com Danijel

    I was wondering if anybody will release an Android tablet with 2 USB ports, but didn’t expected that I’ll see that on a $60 tab.