Intel Atom Cedar Trail Offers Better Graphics Performance Along Side Driver Issues

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26 Oct, 2011 1:39 am


A few weeks ago Intel quietly slipped some new processors onto its website. The new processors are aimed at netbooks and nettops and include the D2500 and D2700 desktop parts and the N2600 and N2800 parts for netbooks. Fudzilla has learned that both D2500 and D2700 are not significantly faster than its predecessor, but they do boast better graphics. These new ‘Cedar Trail’ CPUs should delver a huge performance leap, but the word has been that they are delayed due to driver issues. In regards to graphics Intel has decreased DirectX support to DirectX 9 due driver issues with a hope that DirectX 10 driver comes a bit later.

Netbooks based on new Cedar Trail-M platform are expected in Q4 2011 but the weeks are winding down so its looking less hopeful. Both desktop and netbook Atoms have significantly better graphics and are based on 32nm manufacturing process. We got to see a new Cedar Trail Netbook called the Novero Solana with a rotating screen, in case you were curious about a potential form factor we’ve got a video below.

YouTube Preview Image

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