Drop Test: Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy SII

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18 Oct, 2011 1:02 am


We all drop our phone’s it’s just one of those things. Lucky for us the guys over at Square Trade are willing to findout what happens when you drop the Apple iPhone 4S & the Samsung Galaxy SII. If you’ve got special concerns around dropping you’re phone, you might want to check out the drop test video to see how your device of choice may fair.

The iPhone 4 has never been known for the durability of its glass panels so it really no surprise that the iPhone 4S is no different. Apple has tried to buff things up by chemically-strengthening the front screen, this allowed it to survive a fall from waist and shoulder height. Think you’re out of the woods? Think again, the back panel shattered instantly. When they dropped it face down from waist level, the front screen exploded into pieces.

What about the top Android phone? The Samsung Galaxy S II didn’t do badly at all! The plastic case took plenty of abuse, cracking and popping open. Taking a look at the Gorilla Glass screen, we were impressed since it didn’t shatte, not even when dropped face down.

If you’re a bit of a clutze you might want to watch this video to see exactly what could happen to you if you went the i
Phone 4S route on your next phone purchase.

Via Gizmodo Via SquareTrade

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