iPhone 4S antenna system might infringe on Samsung patents

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10 Oct, 2011 5:05 pm


Looks like Apple might be getting into trouble with their latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S. The guys over at 9to5Mac have come across some statements from the same antenna expert who claims to have predicted the iPhone 4 “antennagate” controversy. Danish professor Gert Frølund Pedersen thinks the new wireless system will be good enough to fix the antenna issues that “plagued” the iPhone 4, but questions whether or not Apple is entitled to use it:

“The idea is good enough, but the question is whether they are allowed to use it.”

He also claims that the antenna system also contravenes two patents, which he sold 4 years ago to Samsung.

“I can not say that they are directly breaking the patent, but there are not many ways they can choose the right antenna, without coming to break many patents.”

Pedersen and others at the Aalborg University think Apple will run into legal issues related to patents the professors sold to Samsung in 2007. The report also notes Samsung has not yet used these patents in litigation with Apple.

He seems to explain the patents cover technology that intelligently switches between multiple antennas. The two he thinks Apple will most likely infringe on can be seen here and here. Both relate to an apparatus and method of selecting an appropriate antenna in a system utilizing multiple antennas.

Even though we know so far no details to the antenna system of the iPhone 4S, Pedersen seems to know even here more:

“When Apple says that it is new, it’s not true. It has been in use for very long. For example in the DECT cordless phones. Both in these and in some of the phones, ”

It will be fascinating to see how this one unfolds, of course the whole patent suit is a pretty entertaining story to follow.

Via NetbookNews.de

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