Ivy Bridge-Based Dell Ultrabook May Debut at CES

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4 Oct, 2011 6:30 am


Dell had a line of ultrathin laptops called the Adamo that seemed to be competing with the MacBook Air, but due to low sales numbers, the last model from the Adamo line, the Adamo XPS, was discontinued back in February. However, with Intel’s push behind its Ultrabook category of laptops, Dell may be jumping back into the pool with their Ultrabook model around the time of CES 2012.

Dell Adamo XPS

Dell had some great hardware designs for the Adamo line, as can be seen above. However, due to high prices for components, and disappointing performance from those components and batteries, people just weren’t keen to shell out so much for an underperforming laptop. But now that Intel is helping manufacturers make thin and light Ultrabooks with great battery life, graphics, and computing performance, Dell may have more success with an Ultrabook line this time around.

In addition, Intel will be announcing availability of their next-generation, 22-nanometer, Ivy Bridge processor which will be powering many (if not all) Ultrabooks for released around spring of 2012, around the time of CES, allowing Ultrabook manufacturers to adopt it for their fall 2012 products. So while the timing for Dell’s possible Ultrabook would be coincidental, it would make sense for Dell to take advantage of Ivy Bridge’s USB 3.0 support and more powerful graphics performance.

Dell has had some really interesting hardware designs, like the Inspiron Duo with the 360-degree, horizontally swiveling screen, or the Adamo XPS above. It would be nice to see more innovative designs pop up in the Ultrabook category to add a little bit more variety to the more conventional, MacBook Air-like designs from Asus and Acer. Lenovo and Toshiba had Ultrabook models that looked a tad different from the Acer and Asus models, but not as different as the aforementioned Dell products. Dell might be able to win over some Ultrabook shoppers if they can get the pricing right.

Via Electronista, CNet

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  • Anonymous

    “In addition, Intel will be announcing availability of their next-generation, 22-nanometer, Ivy Bridge processor which will be powering many (if not all) Ultrabooks for spring of 2012, around the time of CES.”

    They don’t even have first generation Ultrabooks out yet and we’re expecting 2nd generation in less than 6 months. Okay! I guess we’re in a world where paper launches are all it matters and profits mean jack, with monkeys posing as writers reporting on them.

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  • Anonymous

    My mistake. Ivy Bridge will be released in spring of 2012, with Ultrabooks likely adopting it in fall of 2012. Thank you so much for your respectful suggestion for correction. 

  • Anonymous

    Jezlyn: I actually feel bad now that you have answered and offered correction in such a polite manner. Thank you.

    In the rumor world, nothing is 100% certain, so I’m not suggesting I’m right either. But if anyone is writing/posting about rumor articles, they should at least put a disclaimer that they might be wrong. There’s a lot of people who believe everything they read word for word.

    Even the so claimed “analysts” that get paid millions of dollars put speculative articles saying new iDevice is going to arrive next month, when the company has only released its current device just 3-4 months ago. That doesn’t help anyone.

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  • Anonymous

    Normally I litter all my posts on rumors and speculation with a bunch of “supposedlys” and “rumored” and “reportedlys”, but for whatever reason this time, my wording in that particular spot was incorrect. I think I read some of the details of one of the source articles wrong. And I totally get your frustration with so-called analysts earning millions of dollars to spout nonsensical garbage. There are a lot of “writers” out there whose posts I would be truly embarrassed to be associated with.

    However, in the future, if you spot errors in our articles, perhaps you could find a less insulting way to point it out to us? All of us here at Netbook News are good people just trying to do our best to report tech news to you guys. Sometimes we make mistakes, but we’re open to suggestions, as you can see. No need for name-calling. We’d really appreciate it!