Barnes & Noble May Release Two New Color Tablets, Not Just One

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24 Sep, 2011 10:30 am


Earlier we reported that Barnes & Noble will likely release an update to their NOOK Color around the same time that the new Amazon Kindle tablet will be available. However, now there are rumblings that instead of just a “NOOK Color 2″ device offered at the same $249 price point of the original NOOK Color, there will be an additional color tablet for $349.

The Digital Reader supposedly obtained a slide (that he could not publish) that was used at a B&N planning meeting that lists three new Nook devices for next quarter — the Nook Smart Touch, Encore, and Acclaim. According to the Digital Reader post, the Smart Touch and Encore names for the Nook Touch (Amazon link) and NOOK Color (Amazon link), respectively, are pre-existing product names (codenames?). However, another product listed on the slide, the Acclaim, was priced at $349, and is a brand new device.

Not too much is known about the Acclaim, but it’s hypothesized that it will be a larger tablet meant to go more head-to-head with the iPad. It’s clear that magazines are popular mainstays for the iPad, just check out the featured apps in the iTunes App Store. And the NOOK Color was recently updated so that more interactive digital magazines with video and audio clips and other extras would be supported. However, the 7″ screen of the NOOK Color may be a little too cramped for magazine viewing, so the new Acclaim device could be a tablet with a 9″ or larger screen to better accommodate the interactive magazines available on the B&N digital newsstand.

With Amazon’s upcoming announcement in New York, it’s not too surprising that information about Barnes and Noble’s next tablet is leaking out. We’re quickly approaching the moment when all will be revealed from both B&N and Amazon.

Via ElectronistaThe Digital Reader

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