Intel: Atom Line Up Not Going Anywhere

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23 Sep, 2011 5:13 pm


Digitimes ran a story today indicating that Intel reportedly plans to rename the brand names of CPUs under its Cedar Trail platform in 2012.  According to their industry sources they are doing so because as demand for netbooks and nettops built with its Atom-branded processors has dropped significantly due to the poor brand image of Atom CPUs.

Intel has responded that “We are very committed to the Intel Atom processor brand, and there are no plans to change it.”  At Intel’s IDF last week, it was very clear that Atom has been a very successful line-up and will continue to be in developing nations.  The upcoming Cedar Trail (Q4 2011 release) and Medfield (1H 2012 release) chips will both use the Atom brand.

The rebranding is said to cover Intel’s N/D/Z/E lineups of Atom CPUs for netbooks, nettops, handheld devices, consumer electronics products and embedded devices.  Changing the Atom brand will only further confuse consumers and all signs at IDF indicated to a very dedicated Atom team. Digitimes often runs industry gossip of which there is a lot of in Taiwan.  I would take this rumor with a grain of salt even though I have been very skeptical of Cedar Trail keeping its Q4 2011 deadline.

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  • Orion9727

    i think the main reason the netbook sales are slowing is the market has hit it limit and most people dont want 10 inch slow netbooks with poor flash or silverlight performance.
    thew main problem is the 12 inch models are the same price now as a entry level notebook with a P series that can do it all.
    the fact they make it very hard to upgrade the HDD to a ssd and fact atom only surports 2gb max of ram and most netbooks come with 1gb and 1 slot means it a device now that a phone or tablet can directly attack.
    amd has the brazos that can surport sata 3 hudson M1 and at the same time has a decent graphics solution that plays HD flash no problem.
    silverlight however is something else even with cat 11.8 and beta 5.
    it also surports 4 gig of ram and even 8 depending on how it made.
    i think atom is just to late right now the N series just dont cut it and i think ceder trail wll be too late and not even on par with what amd will have power wise.
    i see atom now as pretty much dead in the 1st world markets and i think most of the reason comes from the ion issue.
    intel wanted it all and i expect now with no real ion solution posible for netbooks and netrops we see sales drom on atom like a rock.
    the main problems with ion 2 is that it cant acces the cpu directly and that leaves it behind the eight ball graphics wise.
    if intel not been so greedy they might had something to complete with brazos but now they really have nothing and brazos can even be had with usb3 and most people are going to look at HDMI,flash play and a possible ssd.
    i expect ceder trail to be a disaster for intel.

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