Windows 8 to Move from Flash and Silverlight to HTML5

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16 Sep, 2011 4:15 pm

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Just a quick, but surprising tidbit of non-IDF 2011 news — Microsoft announced at the BUILD conference, and reiterated in a post on their Building Windows 8 blog, that the Metro style browser in Windows 8 will rely on HTML5 as much as possible to deliver a “touch-first”, plug-in free experience. Specifically:

For the web to move forward and for consumers to get the most out of touch-first browsing, the Metro style browser in Windows 8 is as HTML5-only as possible, and plug-in free. The experience that plug-ins provide today is not a good match with Metro style browsing and the modern HTML5 web.

This doesn’t mean that Flash and Silverlight are completely out of the picture, though. When browsing in the desktop version of IE 10, the browser will support plug-ins. Additionally, if a user is surfing a site that requires plug-ins, there’s an option to see the page using “desktop view” to accomplish the same thing. So while it’s not a final blow to Flash, Silverlight, and other plug-ins, if the Metro UI is used as much as Microsoft intends, many users will use the Metro version of IE 10 the majority of the time, making Flash and other plug-ins lose mindshare and importance.

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  • Orion9727

    ie 9 surports HTML5 so whats different in the picture here.
    i dont see anyone running to embrace HTML5 most of all in this market.
    companys just dont have the money to invest right now so microsoft standard for windows 8 is most silly.
    most websites today have yet to go to netbook or widescreen.
    alot of sites dont even surport ie7 let alone 8 and now we looking at 9.
    the main problem now is funds.
    with the would in downturn mode and companys not spending i think windows 8 2012 -2013 wont be well recived.
    2015 mayby but not before.
    windows 7 main problems are it start up choices that weigh it down.
    a service pack could resolve this issue.
    but that wont sell new shinny cases will it.
    it microsoft is having a hard time with buisness on xp then there certin to find very few move away for windows 7 for windows 8.
    how can micosoft promote this new product if wndows 7 is a decent enough product.
    remeber xp had been out along time when vista came out and that was a total fascio.
    windows 7 sales were drivin by two things.
    one was get away from vista as fast as you can and the other was vista era hardware was most lacking.
    that and the fact xp by that time was very mature and would be lacking in key X64 driver surport.
    yes there was xp 64 but the bad driver surport that plauged vista killed that.
    i dont see anyone willing to jump ship for windows 8 just for metro aps and a new file system.
    buisness wont like it.
    gamers wont care now they have a stable platform.
    i dont see pc makers hadicaping there sales with it either so there going to offer win 7 if they can and if they dont well sales will reflect it and it be like the never ending kill xp story.
    how many times you heard ms say ok xp is dead.
    i see this as a another microsoft sales blunder and i am certin that what drove windows 7 sales was really bad vista experences couple with lacking hardware in a heavy enviroment at the time.
    hardware now is outstanding.
    windows 7 runs even on a single core atom even on 1 gb of ram x64 home pre so what drove the masses to flock to windows 7 wont be there for windows 8.
    not by a mile and with lacking sales due to globel downturn well i be shorting this product hard anytime before 2015.