Dell working on convertible netbook tablet with ARM

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26 Apr, 2010 2:00 pm


Dell Roadmap

Android Central have obtained a roadmap that shows a few new items. Meego Netbooks and MIDs, Tablet a netbook and then a super thin 11-incher, which can weigh less than 900 grams. The “Sparta” netbook tablet and “Athens” a 0.9-kilogram “true netbook”, with an ARM processors, optional 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Dell Roadmap

What is a Netbook Tablet? We can only guess, because the image of the roadmap suggests a really bold design. With a 11-inch (1024 × 768) display (which appears in the display frame is rotated!), ARM CPU and UMTS model it is more a Smartbook tablet, right?

About the release dates we are a little confused, because it is rather unusual to see a road map that extends over 21 months. The Sparta and Athens are due on the market in autumn 2011. However our friends at Engadget say this year as this roadmap seems to contradict alot of other information. There are idications that this is an older road map because of the moblin logo when they should be using a MeeGo logo.

We already know about a other items on this roadmap like the Dell Streak which is going to appear with T-Mobile (confirming an earlier report) and Vodafone. While towards the end of the year, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile to bring the Dell Streak in China in the market.

The 7-inch Tablet Dell Looking Glass Pro looks like the big brother to the “normal” Looking Glass with a HD digital TV tuner is expected to arrive in the first Quarter of 2011 and the standard model in the fall.


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