Tabco Tablet is the JooJoo 2

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15 Aug, 2011 11:19 pm


Tabco is only under an hour away from launching the Tabco Tablet but they’ve already accidentally tweeted (now removed) the name of the tablet – the “Grid 10″. Remember that name? It’s Fusion Garage’s Joo Joo 2 / sequel that popped up at the FCC at then end of July. No details or photos were leaked at the FCC apart from the dimensions on a diagram giving away a 10-inch sized tablet that sports W-CDMA 3G, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and b/g/n Wi-Fi. Looking back at this diagram, it fits images of the Tabco tablet we’ve seen in a few screen captures.

The Tabco tablet is being touted at the first tablet since the iPad to bring out innovation where current tablet offerings have failed but it’s “not an iPad killer” but rather a tablet that’s “bringingg a cool new option to the market”. Tabco haven’t given away any specs or details on the tablet just yet.

Here’s the now removed German tweet with the “Grid 10″ name revealed:

Source: @WeAreTabCo

Via: SlashGear

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