Motorola’s Next Tablet Named ‘The Kore’?

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5 Aug, 2011 11:46 pm


Motorola is due to release another tablet in the near future, so hearing that they’ve been going domain shopping isn’t exaclty a surprise. It stands to reason purchasing a series of domains with the word Kore in it means that their upcoming tablet is likely to have the same name. They’ve actually picked up 5 domains,,,,, and which were all registered on August 3. i Apparently if you’ve been following their domain purchasing history, this is the first time they’ve done so in a while.

This is all speculation however during the earnings call it was made clear that Motorola was looking to launch two more 4G-capable tablets and at least one more 4G smartphone. The Kore may well be one the upcoming devices, we’ll have to wait an see.

Via Techcrunch Source Fusible

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