Dell Inspiron M102z gets AMD Fusion E-450, C-60 upgrade options

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5 Aug, 2011 9:30 pm


The 11.6-inch Dell Inspiron M102z first arrived back in April and found its way to various countries like Australia, Hong Kong and Japan but it never went on sale in the US. It is identical to the last-gen M101z in regards to the chassis except it switched out pre-Fusion AMD Nile for first-gen Fusion chips. Today, CPU World has noted that the Hong Kong model is now available to order with the new Fusion E-450 chip. I note that Australia and Japan also now offer the E-450 instead of the E-350 with Australia also offering the lower end C-60 chip.


The AMD Fusion C-60 and E-450 chips are the latest Brazos (low-end Fusion) additions to the Ontario and Zacate families, respectively. The C-60 succeeds the C-50 with a newer Radeon HD 6290 clocked at 400MHz (vs the older 6250 clocked at 276MHz) and adds some turbo boost technology capable of up to 1.33 GHz, although it’s still dual-core at 1GHz. It should have the same TPU of 9W. The E-450 trumps the E-350 with a newer Radeon HD 6320 graphics chip with some turbo boost technology that can boost GPU speed to 600MHz and includes DDR3-1333MHz support. The CPU side remains almost the same with two dual-core Bobcats running at 1.65GHz (+0.05 boost).

Neither chips have been officially announced by AMD just yet and neither show up on the tech specs page although they said to be launch sometime in Q3. Obviously they are ready now given that Dell is offering them on the Inspiron M102z. We haven’t heard of any products with the upcoming chips apart from a rumored new Fusion based Acer Ferrari One with may come with either of these.

There are a bunch of other new Fusion chips, but they are delegated to higher end notebooks which we don’t cover.

Dell Inspiron M102z tech specs at Dell Australia

Source: CPU World

Via: Laptoping

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