Google officially announces Android 3.2, New features listed

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16 Jul, 2011 8:50 pm


Google officially announced Android 3.2, along with its SDK yesterday, after the recent roll-out to the Motorola Xoom tablet. The main new features are highlighted, excluding tablet specific fixes like the enabling of the SD card on the US Motorola Xoom.

New Android 3.2 features:

  • Optimizations / refinements across a wider range of tablets
  • Compatibility Zoom – another option for viewing phone apps on tablets. Works like Apple’s way of doing this
  • Load media directly from a removable SD card
  • Extended screen support API – means more fine-tuned UI control across Android displays, specifically, you can target pixel density, rather than resolution.

There are many new minor details in the SDK that should make developing apps easier although the general user won’t care about this stuff.

So far, Asus and Verizon have announced Android 3.2 is coming to their Eee Pad Transformer, and Motorola Xoom (3G / 4G), respectively.

Source: Android Developers

Via: Engadget


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