Amazon tablet to be about 9-inches, lack camera and due out by October

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14 Jul, 2011 8:20 pm


You’re probably familiar with what Amazon is rumored to offer later this year: two Android tablets, one 7-incher codenamed “Coyote” and one 10-incher codenamed “Hollywood”. They have been rumored for a September release, although a recent rumor suggested that date may be delayed due to touch panel shortages. If that’s the case, then the delay won’t be that long as the Wall Street Journal hears that the tablet (the larger one) will be out by October. It was rumored last week that Amazon tablet shipments will dwarf other shipments from non Apple tablets in Q3 this year.

They also mention that the tablet will be sized at roughly 9-inches, rather than the 10-inches we’ve heard previously. Maybe 4:3 and 9.7-inches like the iPad? or maybe 8.9-inch like the Galaxy Tab 8.9? The tablet is also tipped to lack “a camera” – this might mean there are no cameras or it might lack just a rear or front camera. No word on pricing but there’s speculation that Amazon could outdo other tablets on pricing, selling at a loss but making up for it through sales of the vast digital content it offers.

That’s to be followed up next year by a tablet designed by Amazon themselves, as opposed to the first one which had it’s design outsourced, and is being produced by some Asian manufacturer (rumored to be Quanta). Perhaps this tablet next year refers to the 7-inch tablet? It would be better releasing that next year then having them both compete with each other if they were released at the same time.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Via: Engadget

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