Budget e-reader / tablet maker Augen bites the dust

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7 Jul, 2011 11:39 am


It appears that Augen – a small outfit that has been pushing out budget e-readers and Android tablets this past year in the US, has bit the dust. The Digital Reader has been trying to contact them for over a month and their website has been down for as long. No official word but then again how many companies disappear completely for a month or more with no response to emails?

Augen made a name for themselves in late July last year when their $99 smartbook and $150 Augen78 Android tablet landed at Kmart but these products were generally not very well received – you get what you pay for. That was back when the tablet wave was just getting started and every and any Android tablet made the news. At CES at the start of this year they showed off their new Espresso tablet lineup which included a bunch of 7-inch and 10-inch tablets with some high-end ones reaching $569. Things appeared to be looking good for them. One of the 10-inchers was scheduled for release in April but that never happened.

Source: The Digital Reader

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