Jay Chou Appointed Chief Designer at ASUS, Taiwan is ‘Green’ with Envy

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29 Jun, 2011 11:00 pm


Jay Chou, famous singer and actor who you might know from the recent ‘Green Hornet’ movie is now making his move as Chief Designer at ASUS.  If you’re confused about what this might mean, think Will.I.Am’s relationship with Intel or Lady Gaga and her work with Kodak.   ASUS showed off an notebook called the Incredible J which has been redesigned by Jay Chou as apart of the ‘N Series’.  This new line up of notebooks are based their existing line up but they have installed the Jay Chou inspired cover you see below.

In addition to the swanky design has teamed up with Bang & Olufsen to create the ASUS SonicMaster sound certification which they have worked with Bang and Olufsen “Icepower” to improve the sound technology. We weren’t able to find out when the N Series is going to be available or a what price point it going to roll out at.  If you want to check out more details on the fancy special edition notebook here is a link to the website

Our biggest question is that ASUS already was top in our books in design so now that they have a Chief Designer what crazy concepts are they going to come out with next.

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