Ramos W10 7″ Android Tablet at Computex 2011

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8 Jun, 2011 10:00 pm


Ramos W10 is an affordable Android tablet that has rolled out of Shenzen with every feature you’d want except one a resistive touch screen. If you can get past that this 7 inch display has a resolution of 800 x 480 and an very decent 800MHz Cortex A9 AML8726-M processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage with TF card expansion.

The reason we like this tablet is that it sports a Mali-400 GPU which supports OpenGL ES 2.0. Thanks to the Mali-400 GPU, Ramos W10 performs smoothly in games playing, like angry bird and Plants VS Zombies. However, if you’re as addicted to Fruit Ninja as I am it wil be a deal breaker since a resistive-touchscreen isn’t ideal for fast pace gaming. Its running Android 2.2 and offeres Wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and G-sensor.

YouTube Preview Image

If you are looking to pick up its predecessor the W9, its available on Amazon below:

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